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Canadian PMO, Payment Processing/Fintech Company

Company Description: Canadian PMO, Payment Processing/Fintech Company

Challenge: The payment processing platform for development of new products and services and maintenance of existing products was US based. Project approval across international jurisdictions was based on size and impact, putting Canadian projects at a disadvantage in comparison to other jurisdictions.
What was done:
  • A formal Canadian Project Management Office was established to:
    • Standardize methodology, tools, templates, and resources.
    • Develop a corporate strategic project planning cycle with a framework and criteria to identify critical Canadian initiatives.
    • Execute a winning strategy to raise the profile of Canadian projects and get the green light on the development schedule.
Results: Canadian projects became unstuck and gained traction. Corporate goals came to fruition. Recognizing which project initiatives now benefit from a program structure that has increased the profile, value, and thereby, the score of Canadian projects. Subsequently, the company received investment approval and were put on the corporate development schedule.

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