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Project Management & Execution Services Canada

 Effective and reliable project management where we manage your project through the full project management lifecycle (PMLC).

This service provides the full range of project management through to execution. It includes:

With Ramsay Project, You’ll Get the Best Project Management and Execution Services Around!

Whether you’re looking for a single point of contact or a full-service solution, we’ve got you covered.

With Ramsay Project, you’ll experience an unparalleled level of professionalism and attention to detail. We’re here to help you achieve your goals, whether it's regulatory compliance, launching a new product, or implementing a new system or application.

Our Project Management & Execution Services

Ramsay Projects has solutions to all your project management and execution needs by offering the following services:

Managing Project From Initiation To Close

We manage projects from start to finish, ensuring that every aspect is handled in accordance with your requirements. When you need assistance leading a team of professionals, our experienced project managers will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Developing Project Charter

Your project charter defines the parameters of the project, what you want to accomplish, how long it should take, associated costs and other relevant information. It also serves as a roadmap for the entire project. At Ramsay Projects, we develop a project charter based on your objectives and deliverables.

Risk Management

Risks can be anything from technical issues to changes in scope or market conditions. By managing risks early on, you can avoid costly problems later on. With our risk management process, we identify and manage potential risks before they become major problems.

Issue Management

Issues arise when things don’t go according to plan. They can occur at any stage of a project, RP creates the issue log with owners and target dates and monitors closely to resolution. If an issue arises, we work closely with you to resolve it quickly and effectively.

Dashboard Reporting (KPI and Status) 

Dashboard reporting allows you to monitor progress against key performance indicators (KPIs). This helps you stay informed about the status of your project so you can make adjustments if necessary. At Ramsay Projects, you have access to real-time reports that show where you stand compared to your KPIs.

Budget Management

You may not think of budgets as part of project management, but they play a critical role. Without them, you won’t know how much money you need to spend on each phase of your project. Ramsay Projects is here to help you set realistic budget expectations and provides regular updates on spend against plan.

Stakeholder & Sponsor Engagements

Project Sponsors are a vital part of any project. We will manage the needs of the Project Sponsor and keep them engaged at the level they expect. Whether that means detailed reporting, presentation meetings or informal updates.

Do any of these services sound like something you might need? Talk to a project expert now and get your next project off to a great start! 

Experience Quality Solutions from Our Project Management and Execution Experts

We are a team of dedicated professionals who take pride in providing outstanding services to our clients.

We know that each project has its own set of challenges, so we make sure that we provide our clients with a solution that works best for them.

Why Outsource Your Project Management and Execution?

Outsourcing your project management and execution means you no longer have to deal with the headaches associated with running a large project yourself. You can focus on building your business instead of worrying about day-to-day operations. Here are some reasons why outsourcing your project management and execution makes sense:

Cost Savings

When you outsource your project management and execution, you save time and money. We handle all aspects of the project, including planning, scheduling, resource management, quality control, and more. Save your time and money by eliminating the need to manage everything yourself and reducing overhead costs.

Increased Productivity

Outsourcing your project management and delivery gives you peace of mind knowing that someone else is handling the details. Our project managers and execution experts are highly skilled and knowledgeable, which results in higher productivity than you could achieve on your own.


When you hire a professional team like Ramsay Projects, you gain flexibility. You can choose who manages your project, what resources you use, and when you want to deliver your product.

Improved Quality Control

When you outsource your project, you can rest assured that your project will be delivered on time and within budget. We take care of everything from managing resources to monitoring milestones and ensuring that your project meets your requirements.

Reduced Risk

If you want to reduce risk, then outsourcing your project management and execution is the way to go. By delegating responsibilities to professionals like the Ramsay Projects, you eliminate potential problems before they even begin.

Don’t let your project fall behind schedule, over budget, or below quality standards. Let our experienced project management and execution specialists help you today! 

How It Works

Implementing Project Management & Execution

Ramsay Projects provides a full range of project management and execution services. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop customized plans to meet those needs.

Our goal is to ensure that every client receives the highest level of service possible. To do this, we follow a process that includes the following steps:


The first step in implementing a successful project is to create a detailed plan for the project. This plan outlines the scope of the project, identifies the key players involved, and defines the goals of the project.


Once the plan has been developed, it’s time to execute the plan. This involves assigning tasks to the appropriate people, tracking progress, and making sure that the project stays on track.


After the project has been completed, it's important to monitor how well the project was executed. Monitoring helps identify areas where improvements can be made so that the same mistakes aren't repeated.


After the project is complete, it's important to report back to the client. The final report should include an analysis of the project as well as recommendations for future projects.

We want to make sure that each client receives the best possible service. That’s why we provide ongoing support throughout the entire implementation process. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to get in touch. 

What Makes Ramsay Projects Different?

One of the Trusted Project Management & Execution Service Provider in Canada

Ramsay Projects is a leading provider of outsourced project management services. Our team of experienced project managers and consultants has been providing quality project management solutions since 2005. Our team structure allows our clients to focus on what they need while we manage all aspects of the project. 

We believe that there is no such thing as “one size fits all” when it comes to project management and execution. Every project is unique and therefore requires its own approach. This is why we offer flexible pricing plans and tailored packages to meet your needs. 

We work in several different industries, including: 

Ready to Outsource Project Management and Execution for Your Organization?

We are the right partner to help you with your project management and execution needs and we make a way to deliver only the best results from. Contact us now and let's start working together!

Project Management and Execution FAQs

A good project manager must have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders. They should also possess the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously while keeping track of deadlines and costs. 

We recommend hiring a team like ours that has the experience and expertise needed to ensure that your project is delivered successfully. Call us today to learn more about our services or request a quote. 

Yes! Every business need someone who understands how to run a project efficiently and effectively. If you don’t have anyone on board who knows how to manage a project, then you may want to consider hiring one.

Our rates vary depending on the size of the project and the number of staff involved. However, we offer fixed-price packages which include all relevant fees. For more information, please contact us today. 

We regularly offer discounted pricing to new customers as well as existing customers. To find out more, call one of our experts at Ramsay Projects.